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Welcome to Sorry For Partyin’

You may be wondering what exactly Sorry For Partyin’ is; well it’s a saying we use often to explain some of our more hilariously outlandish acts. And from its humble beginnings, Sorry For Partyin’ has turned into a lifestyle of sorts. We love to party and often make some hilarious, substance-induced “errors of judgment.” But no matter how outrageous our actions, they can all be explained with a simple “Sorry For Partyin!” (Or “Sorry For MOTHERFUCKING PARTYIN” – depending on your mood and proclivity for profanity). As the saying has grown we have expanded it into t-shirts, koozies and other merchandise so that we can create one truly united “Sorry For Partyin” nation, dedicated to partying as hard as you can. Now support the cause and buy some SFP shit!

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